AAUPW Members

AAUPW Members
**************** Some of the AAUPW members at our 2014 Holiday Party ***************

October 12, 2013

What We Walk Past

Our October meeting will focus on the Stolpersteine - the stumble block. You might have seen one around town or several in other cities. It is a small brass square, just slightly raised from the ground so you know the terrain underneath your feet has shifted but not so much you fall over. On the square is someone's name, when they were born and when they died. Which will be in the 1940's because the stolpersteine is placed in front of the homes of people deported and killed by the Nazi regime. The Stolperseine Initiative website notes that while 16 countries have about 42,500 stolperseine, Munich has but a  few on private property. Munich banned the stolperseine in 2004. Our speaker will talk about his experiences as the chair of the Munich Stolperseine Committee on Wednesday, October 23rd in the early evening. Why is the stolperseine banned here and why is it so important that so many have been placed elsewhere in the world?

For more information about our meeting, or any of our other actives, please contact the club president at info@aaupw.de

A Busy Fall

The book club is reading, meeting and eating; the Sichere Wiesn communications support team is celebrating a great year of getting the word out as well as reconfiguring; and the holiday choir is digging the music books out of the back closet. September's general meeting was so filled with the announcements about upcoming events as well as the joy of simply coming back together we never really got to the program. Kein Problem, we're back and we're rolling with plans for a Fall filled with ongoing work with young women and celebrations with the Girl's Night Out just to name a few items on the calendar.   

For more information about AAUPW,  please contact the club president at info@aaupw.de