AAUPW Members

AAUPW Members
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March 4, 2012

Girls' Night Out

There once were ladies with clout
Lively lasses who sure got about
They ate in good cheer
Drank wine, sekt and beer
And they called it Girls’ Night Out
On March 15 – yes, a Thursday
The ladies again want to play...

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we'll meet at our favorite Irish bar. Come wearing at least a spot of green and (please) with a limerick to share.

When:     Thursday evening, March 15

March Program Meeting

Carolyn Morrow will speak on the topic of Expressive Arts for our March Meeting.

Carolyn currently teaches classes and workshops in acting and writing in Munich. She has an MA in Theater with a focus on Directing and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. In the last 10 years, she has become increasingly involved in other arts such as dance, painting, and sculpting with clay. For most of her life, she has recognized and personally experienced the healing effects of the arts. She has just completed pre-doctoral course work in the field of Expressive Arts at the European Graduate School in Switzerland, where she was taught by Paolo Knill, the founder of Expressive Arts. Because Carolyn has found her work in the Expressive Arts both moving and transformative, she would like to give us a taste of what it’s all about:

Expressive Arts places arts at the center of its theory and practice, and Expressive Arts trainers are specialists in the intermodal use of arts as a means to helping individuals or communities to increase their imaginative play-range and to help them identify their own resources. Trainers are specialists in the intermodal use of arts as a means to helping individuals or communities.

The field is beginning to flourish within coaching, qualitative academic research, as well as within socio/political agencies worldwide. It works with individual clients and small group workshops as well as team building and problem solving for businesses and countries that have experienced acute trauma.

Expressive Arts facilitators begin with the assumption that their clients are the experts of their own problems...so let's start there. Please join us!

When:     Wednesday evening, March 21st