AAUPW Members

AAUPW Members
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November 6, 2012

Program Meeting - Wednesday, November 28

Have you ever tried to drive while having the gas pedal floored and the other foot on the brake? This is what most of us are doing throughout our lives when our conscious mind wants one thing and our subconscious believes that it is not safe for us to attain our goal. Kinesiology uses many methods to gently and permanently resolve blocks we have in our system, thereby relieving the stress they cause. This evening is an introduction to how this works and what the results are, as well as the chance to learn some easy exercises known as “kinesiological coffee” which you can use to balance yourself!

An example: a professional woman starting a new job at company HQ feels upset and afraid. Intellectually, she knows she is well prepared and well suited to the job, yet she has no control over the feelings of worry and anxiety she is feeling. After a session to address the emotional source of her distress, she is able to start the job with renewed confidence, relieved of this piece of old emotional baggage. 

At our program meeting on November 28th, we are happy to welcome Patricia Biondo.  
Patricia is an active member of AAUPW while at the same time pursuing her own interests in kinesiology.  We're looking forward to hearing from her.